Marketing Leaders In The Home Media Industry

Who we are


Established in 1988, Entertainment Support Systems (ESS)
is an infomediary and data asset management company that has concentrated its efforts in the DVD / Blu-Ray, video games, music, software, Internet, trade magazine publishing and theatrical film industries.

It is no secret that there is a fundamental transformation occurring in the nature of businesses today. More than a revolution, it is literally an explosion of innovation, as well as complexity and change that takes the form of new technologies, new enterprises and business strategies, and an extraordinary array of products and services.

Today, companies are realizing the strategic advantage that outsourcing can bring to the table, including increased R.O.I., better flexibility to change, and access to best-in-class practices and services. Companies are also looking for and executing new and innovative ways to leverage outsourcing. Certainly outsourcing is considered an essential tool for developing e-business initiatives.

ESS offers services and systems that, through state-of-the-art technology and applications, allow clients to pinpoint their potential customers and do so less expensively.